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Welcome to Trad! / Welcome to Trad
« Last post by Trad on October 05, 2013, 08:24:42 PM »
Trad is currently a members only forum.

This site offers a relaxed and positive atmosphere where traditional archers and bowhunters can share their interests and experiences in the sport.  There is some very unique and interesting information that can be found only on this site!

We also have a few more liberties and benefits than some of the other archery forums do, however there are some general guidelines to consider when using this site.

These are the basics...

Please refrain from posting nudity, excessive bad language,  and intentionally starting arguments (nobody likes a troublemaker  ::)).

Keep in mind that this is site is privately owned and operated, so anything that is found to be excessively offensive or inappropriate will be deleted.

None of this has been a major problem though, so just use some common sense and try to follow the Golden Rule when posting here.  ;)

If topics get a little off subject from time to time, that is perfectly fine as long as the bulk of the site's discussions revolve around traditional archery and/or bowhunting.  After all, that's why we're here!  ;)

Thank you for checking out the site!
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